To the stolen heart

Brown butterfly

on August 13, 2012


This afternoon, a butterfly
Caught my eye suddenly a while
It was trapped in a spiderweb
So I helped it to get away

The strangest thing happened just then
It was flying all around me
As if it couldn’t find his way
Or was it only greeting me ?

He went in and out the window
Coming and going round and round
Like he was searching high and low
As if to get lost he was bound

He even came back to the web
Was he looking for the spider
So that it could have its way ?
Perhaps he wouldn’t remember

I’m not sure he looked out for me
Though I tried to help him outside
But my heart felt so damn heavy
That I wondered what wasn’t right…

Should I kill him out of mercy ?
Or should I wait for the cool night ?
His feelers broken probably
He was flying around in fright…

August, the 13th


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