To the stolen heart



What could erase the harm I’ve done
Except the tears and the new joys ?
There’s so much on my plate today,
This time no more will I get away.
I have to build a new life again,
And peace of mind is what I will gain !
This trial’s a chance to change everything,
I am the bird that’s learning to sing,
In the prairie of green tomorrows,
I will let go of the old sorrows,
The horizon will meet the new me,
Maybe I can set myself free…

September, the 19th



This cold night


This cold night won’t keep me warm,
I guess you must feel the same,
Do you lie awake, watch the wall ?
In your heart still burns a flame.

You wouldn’t have written otherwise,
And i still look for your eyes,
And when the dawn’s about to rise,
I can feel where your hope lies…

If my new dream drives you mad,
Silence will fill my ears,
And if you can’t help feeling bad,
I know we both have to breathe !

So what will you do of these days ?
Don’t let them just slip away,
And if you feel lost in a maze,
Let my light show you the way…


This poem is for a friend in prison now.

God help him.


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A drop in the ocean


I’m just a drop of water in the ocean
of our love,
Tossed around, following the current day by day.
I admire the whales, the sharks and their fish,
I see the damages of trawl nets…
I cry for the lost beauties, hidden treasures,
boatmen’s money
And the dead bodies in the heart of the night
Drowned by their illusion.
And I, dispersed for a few ideas
Gone up in smoke,
I looked for a dawn who would kill the predator
Inside of me.

I’m just a drop in the whole ocean
Of our love,
Will it see the day ?

September, the 14th


Join in for the fun of it ! Cheers

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20 lines or less Weekly Challenge

20 lines or less Weekly Challenge.


Come on and join in for the weekly challenge !

I will post here and on 20lines or less my own poem tonight, so follow…

Cheers to everyone there,


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