To the stolen heart

Brothers of the dawn

on January 11, 2013

Wonder when I will let out my tears
Wonder when I’ll be freed from my fears
As I hear this old wind that’s howling
In the night
In the night

Been so long since this fire is burning
Been so long since my soul is yearning
As I feel that my heart is longing
For the light
For the light

And I guess I have been preparing
For the fight for my mind and the whistling
That’s aloud as my heart is a-pounding
For the right
For the right

Though I light another cigarette
Though my lips have again got wet
I realize the illusion’s warning
It’s a sin
It’s a sin

So I open my curtain this morning
And I wish that the bells were a-ringing
As I look for a shadow of doubt
In this hour
In this hour

So I’ll wait for the new dawn rising
So I’ll claim for the new clear coming
Of the One that’s been understanding
From the start
From the start

January, the 11th


One response to “Brothers of the dawn

  1. beebeesworld says:

    nice work here-thanks for your comment on the prose about my son-he is with me every minute-that is all that keeps m here

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