To the stolen heart

In my way

on January 13, 2013


In my way,

I’ve always tripped on the delay,
In my way,
I have always kept you at bay…
In a way
You’d definitely call decay,
I’ve been hit
By all the truths that were to play,

So I stick
To a phantom of paradise today,
The one that’s been
Listen to all of my insanities,
The one that’s been
Playing with me and his freesbee,
SO I’ll remain
As a thorn in your side again,
Like a pain
That’s been unbearable and vain !

It’s so plain
That you still care for Arnold Layne,
And the game
Should have lead me to a good change,
But instead,
The darkest thoughts run through my head,
And the bread
Is rank as the heartbeat of my mislead.

So I’ll crawl
For sympathy of the fallen angel,
And I’ll plead
For ignoring all the burning dangers,
Will I seek
For forgiveness in your black eyes flame ?
Will I see
The weariness when you’re finally there ?

January, the 13th


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