To the stolen heart


on February 12, 2013

For T.C.

No more regrets,
Melancholy always forgets
What it’s to live, what it’s to give,
So if you want to be my dawn,
Then I believe whatever will be will be,
So set me free so I can be as a bluebird
Flying in this garden – not alone
For I can see it’s my destiny
To enjoy as much as I suffer
The sin of the link between you and me…

This connection, recollection
Of everything that we have been
Through hells and illusions,
Through desperation
Through heaven lost
Through confusion !

I’m so foolish I want you still
So lie to me, tell me you love me,
I don’t care if it’s untrue,
Just as long as I have you,
To protect me, I’ll let it be
For I’m too weak to die just yet !

February, the 13th


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