To the stolen heart

Song for Xavier

Song for Xavier

Xavier has been waiting forever
For his love to return,
Now he’s feeling more alive than ever
In the fever of his letter !
Xavier has never been sure
That his true love was pure,
As they were torn asunder,
They had to bear that thunder !
Wil they ever come together ?
Their doubts are dressed in leather,
As they lay naked and apart,
Each one playing his part….

Antoine LenientPhoto Pour mes amours(5)
March, the 31st.

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For another horizon ! (terza rima challenge)

Théoule's sunrise

Théoule’s sunrise

For another horizon !

Insanity is just another word
For supervision and punishment,
So now you just can tell the world,

When will we end this bereavement ?
So what is to be of tomorrow ?
Revolution or derangement ?

Or an everchanging sorrow
Destined to be our slavery ?
If I were you, I’d beg and borrow

Or get lost in your reverie,
We’d better wonder what’s freedom
Than take it for granted, you see…

Don’t forget they try to take control
By any means, technology…
Perhaps you’d better unplug all

Before they take your identity.
So if you fight with doubts and fears,
You have to face reality,

Surely, there will be more tears,
So we’d better avoid the fall,
And learn to learn from history…

For this struggle rules over all,
You know they only seek power,
And money’s power to them all…

So please, don’t you wait forever !
We could sit around the tables,
Anyway, they’re starting to turn…

If you feel uncomfortable,
If you can’t get to sleep at night,
No wonder, you are just able

To feel the menace for your right
To live freely, to live in peace,
But, please, don’t lose yourself in fright,

Don’t let them have another piece…
Listen to Mother Nature’s son,
And listen to your loving niece.

Look for another horizon,
Just try to watch the rising sun,
And think of the prodigal son !

March, the 13th


Black people



To Allan Parker, to all those fighting for civil rights…

1964, Mississipi burning,
Crosses all the way, throughout the U.S.A.,
Black people are marching
To fight for civil rights, for better days !

Why did so many die ?
And why all this hatred ?
That racist anger leads to lies,
And these crimes perpetrated
Are Meursault’s chains…

How to end this coldness ?
How to stop being slaves ?
Be smarter than foxes,
And be as brave as lions !
Be stronger than sickness,
By your demonstrations !

Hold them around the world
For Peace, Love and for Hope ,
Come on and spread the word :
Jesus will take you Home,
Let Jesus be your guide,
Let Jesus be your Love !

March, the 11th

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Poem for Xavier

Angels' bay, by Antoine Burgos

Angels’ bay, by Antoine Burgos

Poem for Xavier















“Patient, patience,
Patience dans l’azur!
Chaque atome de silence
Est la chance d’un fruit mûr!”
– Paul Valéry

I feel like a puzzle, I can’t find the missing piece
I’ve never seen before, but in another life…
Was it hidden from me so that I can’t find peace ?
Is it Holy Water ? Or else is it a knife ?

I can’t have it both ways if I don’t get to work,
To let all of the past be put in light again.
Sometimes I wonder why, I feel just like a jerk !
I wonder what I’ve lost, I wonder what’s to gain…

And if nothing is new, what’s left of my refrains ?
Will anyone read them ? Will it ease someone’s pain ?
I tried not to forget, but I couldn’t refrain,
I can’t help hoping for love, if the truth is plain…

March, the 10th





In touch with all the ones I love,
And I still long to rise above
That melancholy that got me
On the road to my liberty…

So many years had to go by
Before I learnt to say goodbye
To all the people that made me,
Still I cling to my memories !

Surely I have to pray again
And to let go of all the pain
That used to bite me for so long,
Now I must say that I belong
To a home that’s a mistery…
And to escape my misery,
I shall and I will walk again,
For there is so much more to gain !

March, the 4th

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The End of Her Dream

The End of Her Dream.

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We can breathe


I’m so tired of crime and punishment

That I want this to stop !

So let independence be reckoned

So that we don’t caugh so much,

So that we can breathe,

Even when we lay bare our souls.

If others’ life is like hell,

Why not dream of a better world ?

And as the most beautiful remains to be done,

The watchers need some rest too !

If cries pass through my shutters again,

I’ll speak loud and clear for true Peace,

So that the future is less ugly,

So that I find some dignity…




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So long ago

So long ago.

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The shade of Time

The shade of Time.

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