To the stolen heart

For another horizon ! (terza rima challenge)

on March 13, 2013
Théoule's sunrise

Théoule’s sunrise

For another horizon !

Insanity is just another word
For supervision and punishment,
So now you just can tell the world,

When will we end this bereavement ?
So what is to be of tomorrow ?
Revolution or derangement ?

Or an everchanging sorrow
Destined to be our slavery ?
If I were you, I’d beg and borrow

Or get lost in your reverie,
We’d better wonder what’s freedom
Than take it for granted, you see…

Don’t forget they try to take control
By any means, technology…
Perhaps you’d better unplug all

Before they take your identity.
So if you fight with doubts and fears,
You have to face reality,

Surely, there will be more tears,
So we’d better avoid the fall,
And learn to learn from history…

For this struggle rules over all,
You know they only seek power,
And money’s power to them all…

So please, don’t you wait forever !
We could sit around the tables,
Anyway, they’re starting to turn…

If you feel uncomfortable,
If you can’t get to sleep at night,
No wonder, you are just able

To feel the menace for your right
To live freely, to live in peace,
But, please, don’t lose yourself in fright,

Don’t let them have another piece…
Listen to Mother Nature’s son,
And listen to your loving niece.

Look for another horizon,
Just try to watch the rising sun,
And think of the prodigal son !

March, the 13th


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