To the stolen heart

All of a sudden

on April 2, 2013

Photo by Leo Meirelles

Why always keep on tricking me like this ?
Like hell’s paved with good intentions !
Why always keep on tracking me like this ?
What will you do with your inventions ?

When will you ever set me free ? I plead
With you to stop pushing me too far,
I know well that you wanted to lead
Us to that place where I’d play my part !

I even wonder if we are apart,
But I wish this time we were through…

But I’m so afraid of my desires
That I am fleeing all day through,
I don’t want to get as cold as death,
That was the reason for these fires…

Why have I ever known Eden ?
What shall I do to return to
That paradise ? – All of a sudden,
I feel like I need to pray too ! –

Antoine Burgos
1st of April 2013
(01:54 A.M.)


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