To the stolen heart


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Because it was too scary,
I had to run away quickly,
Because it was too crazy,
That pain put me on my knees.

I never should have come back,
That place was kept in the dark,
Because sweetness is my lack…
I kept on waiting for the spark.

In the night of my desires,
Found a way to get higher,
But when this love expires,
I’m scorched on the barbed wire.

Between a dream and a nightmare,
Keep walking but my feet are bare,
I should wake up, start to care…
Stars show such a different flare !

May, the 17th (01:45)


Son of May

Son of May.

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Son of May


Freedom of speech,
wherever you’re oppressed !
Freedom of speech,
Whenever you feel the threat
Of your basic rights, of your dignity !

Whenever you feel like screaming,
Raise your voice for your hurting,
Don’t let go of what you’re dreaming…
Exile in another country,
Don’t be afraid to tell the truth,
All that’s unbearable to you !

When pressure is heavy too,
Your fight, you have to renew…
All these intimidations,
And these men spying on you,
They twist your intuition,
You need to stand back for you.

They want to fool the people
With disinformation,
When the truth is plain and simple,
You know what you have to do !

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May, the 8th

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Personal Space

I treasure my Personal Space as much as I need it – as much as I like being alone, often. I am choosy about my friends and lovers…as well as I choose the texts I publish on my blogs. So I thank all my friends and the ones following me here, thank you, and feel free to comment ! Cheers,


Personal space is different in various places around the world.  i have found that Americans and Eastern Europeans like a “personal Space” of nearly two feet, and will back up as if you are “in their face; if you get closer, even in a casual conversation, or upon an introduction to someone.  In Hispanic cultures and Western European cultures, people stand much closer when speaking and are offended when we “get out of my face Americans”  take a step back as they speak to us.

I have often wondered how “persona space becomes a habit among different cultures. Perhaps, we should look around and see what the locals are doing before we decided just where to stand!

This is response to a prompt on personal Space at the following link:

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