To the stolen heart


Vénus (étoile du berger) - 600px-PIA00072
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Because it was too scary,
I had to run away quickly,
Because it was too crazy,
That pain put me on my knees.

I never should have come back,
That place was kept in the dark,
Because sweetness is my lack…
I kept on waiting for the spark.

In the night of my desires,
Found a way to get higher,
But when this love expires,
I’m scorched on the barbed wire.

Between a dream and a nightmare,
Keep walking but my feet are bare,
I should wake up, start to care…
Stars show such a different flare !

May, the 17th (01:45)


Son of May

Son of May.

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Bad habits


I can’t go on the same way,
But I cannot get to stop,
I play my part for today,
Then I too easily drop !

I just can’t call this love,
But I know it’s not just sex,
Maybe I’m infatuated more
Like an old and bad reflex !

A kind of pink Narcissus
Is what I have been these years,
Though I’m not like the sissies
All clubbed up to their ears…

Could I find me a real man
If I believed I needed it ?
Do I only need a friend
To console me a little bit ?

I’ve played the fool for too long,
Now I need to get myself free
From all I’ve been doing wrong,
But could my good points redeem…

My faults hang like a tightrope
On the ceiling of my past,
And I received a bad stroke,
So I shouldn’t make this last !
So I shouldn’t make this last !

Antoine Burgos
April, the 30th

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Expectations – Daily prompt : unleash your inner Dickinson



Out of the blue, I’m not that blue anymore…
And I’m more than a pain in the mass,
My pencil doesn’t woo like a whore,
As I’m happy to admire the grass…

In my garden bloom the flowers
That have waited for winter to end
And should I wait for many hours,
I will gather roses to send !

As my body expects new love,
The whole Spring sings like a choir
That we all need to see the dove
Fly high above the barbed wire !

Antoine Burgos
April, the 30th


The work of an artist


What is the work of an artist ?
Tell me, does it mean anything ?
When nobody is listening,
When will he get some self-esteem ?

Sometimes he struggles for his life,
And when it’s the year of the knife,
He turns away and, gone in smoke,
He remembers last words he spoke…

Then he comes back to his homeland,
He begs for her to hold his hand,
Then she plays his favourite tune,
How would he guess that death in June ?

So when it seems to end too soon,
It’s time for a new man to come
To life after all the hurting
He has endured without speaking…

Too long since he has been lonesome,
So he forgets where he’s come from,
And wonders when he will return
To his own island in the sun…

What is the work of an artist,
Lost in the loops of the river,
Because he is no scientist,
When he doesn’t get an answer ?

Antoine Burgos
April, the 27th (23:37)

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All of a sudden

Photo by Leo Meirelles

Why always keep on tricking me like this ?
Like hell’s paved with good intentions !
Why always keep on tracking me like this ?
What will you do with your inventions ?

When will you ever set me free ? I plead
With you to stop pushing me too far,
I know well that you wanted to lead
Us to that place where I’d play my part !

I even wonder if we are apart,
But I wish this time we were through…

But I’m so afraid of my desires
That I am fleeing all day through,
I don’t want to get as cold as death,
That was the reason for these fires…

Why have I ever known Eden ?
What shall I do to return to
That paradise ? – All of a sudden,
I feel like I need to pray too ! –

Antoine Burgos
1st of April 2013
(01:54 A.M.)

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Poem for Xavier

Angels' bay, by Antoine Burgos

Angels’ bay, by Antoine Burgos

Poem for Xavier















“Patient, patience,
Patience dans l’azur!
Chaque atome de silence
Est la chance d’un fruit mûr!”
– Paul Valéry

I feel like a puzzle, I can’t find the missing piece
I’ve never seen before, but in another life…
Was it hidden from me so that I can’t find peace ?
Is it Holy Water ? Or else is it a knife ?

I can’t have it both ways if I don’t get to work,
To let all of the past be put in light again.
Sometimes I wonder why, I feel just like a jerk !
I wonder what I’ve lost, I wonder what’s to gain…

And if nothing is new, what’s left of my refrains ?
Will anyone read them ? Will it ease someone’s pain ?
I tried not to forget, but I couldn’t refrain,
I can’t help hoping for love, if the truth is plain…

March, the 10th


So long ago

So long ago.

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The shade of Time

The shade of Time.

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A Valentine’s challenge – 14 words

A Valentine's challenge – 14 words.

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